You can’t get any closer to the Downtown than this long-established neighbourhood of large brick heritage homes. Many of the original mansions from a time long ago are still present. It has long been considered (together with Old North) as London’s preeminent residential neighbourhood.

It is difficult to identify one predominant form of housing type here as there is a truly remarkable mixture of homes of different architectural periods, styles and sizes – undoubtedly due to the fact that the neighbourhood has been fully built-out for longer than any neighbourhood in the city. Over the past few years, virtually the entire neighbourhood has been formally designated as a Heritage Conservation District.

The heart of the neighbourhood is Victoria Park – London’s premiere “gathering place” and the home of numerous festivals throughout the year, and especially through the summer.

Some of the mansions along main neighbourhood streets have seen office conversions, though these have little negative impact on the neighbourhood itself. Woodfield is as walkable and sociable a neighbourhood as exists within the city, and it is well-served by a remarkably strong and long-lived neighbourhood association, which hosts neighbourhood events such as the Historic Woodfield Street Fair and Harvestfest.

In 2012, the average selling price of homes in Woodfield was $235,217 on sales of 104 properties, excluding private sales.

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