Main Street Commercial

London’s downtown is changing rapidly. With major investments in excess of $150M made by the City of London to develop a number of exciting urban spaces (the Central Library, Convention Centre, Covent Garden Market and the highly-regarded Budweiser Gardens performance and sports venue, among others), strong growth in both the downtown residential population and in the surrounding neighbourhoods, and the office towers that bring more than 40,000 Londoners downtown each day to work, there is real potential to transition the commercial corridor to a higher-order and more profitable commercial environment for all Londoners.

What is unique to London is that there is also a number of successful secondary business districts serving the local needs of a number of the downtown neighbourhoods, and there is potential here as well for profitable commercial expansion.

Whether you have a commercial interest in the traditional downtown commercial core, or in one of our secondary business districts (the famous Wortley Village of Old South, Old East Village’s rapidly gentrifying Dundas St., with its emphasis on local food, and the “gateway to the downtown” commercial corridor along Wellington St in the SoHo
neighbourhood), I am dedicated to gaining an in-depth understanding of your business or investment needs and goals in order to help your business thrive.

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